Fashion show Michael Kors fall 2014

Helloo everyonee

I know I didn't post couple weeks nothing 'cause I was so busy that I didn't have time to look something on internet or to follow some new thing that are coming and that are in trend right now.

But I've started to follow trends of fashion and again I returned the time when every morning I woke up make some breakfast and then drink a coffee with milk and obviously sit of front the computer and look or hunt fashion fashion trendss like a hungryy cat haha LOL xD

I found on tv Fashion channel fashion show ready to wear fall 2014 from Michael Kors and I loved so much the fashion show, is so chic at the same time and to much casual, with classy nude tone and pop of red color .... Amazing and shic ^_^

I hope you'll enjoy with my pictures down below , pictures I found on the web 

Pls Enjoy ... ! 

I wish you lot of good time and rest yourself .....

New day new start new luck !!!!

Leave any comment, request ......

Good luck !

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