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OOTD: Turquoise pasion & Elegance

Hellooo my lovely blog readers 
I've should post this outfit the day two days ago but I didn't had opportunity to post, so today I found little time to share something with you guys.... ^_^ 
Since are warm days I love to wear colors, only pastels and bright bold colors. So for this look I choose turquoise color 'cause I looovee this color, and I choose pastel blue color witch I see is in the same group of colors - palette. 

What I wore:
- Turquoise blaizer from EuroAsia Bershka
- Turquoise shirt from Trend Shop - Bag light Turquoise from Gary shop - Moccasin blue from Trend shop. 
I hope you liked my today's post.
I wish you to have great realxed weekend. ^_^

Thank you so much for visiting my blog 
Wish you everything the best 
Love you all around the world and lots of kisses and tough hugs 

OOTD Sunny Yellow

Hello My dear lovely blog readers
I'm so happy and gratefull for your visit.
Today I thought would be a warmy day but I was wrong, the weather was little bit chilly but I wanted to make my look more warmy witch I added yellow color like The sun ^_^
What I wore :  - Yellow blaizer from Grupofiori - Jeans and denim vest - Neutral long shirt - Neutral nude scarf - Neutral nude bag  - Neutral nude shoes - flats.
I always combinate max. two colors ( color blocking) + 1 or 2 neutral colors I think that's ok for one outfit.
I hope you will enjoy with my pictures down below.

I wish you have a great weekend 

Lots of kisses and tough hugs ^_^

How to Style: Denim Jacket

Hiii my dear blog readers
On my today's post I wanted to post something that would help to anyone of us in this warmy time... Since the Spring is already here and the weather is little bit rainy little bit sunny it came to me one great idea to share with you tips How to mix and combinate outfit with Denim Jacket ..... Cause with this variable weather I'm wearing always everyday denim jacket and it so comfortable....
I hope you will enjoy down below with the differents pictures I found on internet ,,,  and other sources....

Big Trend this Spring : Floral

Holaa my lovely readers from around the World 
Floral is again trend for Spring/Summer 2014, Florals were prevalent across all major fashion weeks, with the majority of collections incorporating the print in some guise. Designers such as Dries Van Noten, Gucci and Alexander McQueen were even daring enough create head-to-toe floral looks. Dries van Noten, in particular, fully embraced the print within his collection, which utilised a wide range of sombre colours that epitomised a darker floral aesthetic. For instance, the designer applied an all-over floral print to a vest and shorts combination in murky tones of green, white and red, which was paired with a black calf-length jacket complete with a floral print lining. Van Noten also looked to juxtapose floral prints within his looks, with one key ensemble incorporating purple and black floral shorts, a daisy print t-shirt and a subtle green and black print jacket. As with any statement pattern, the more successful outfits within the showca…