Recipe : Easy pie with apples !!!

Helloo my dear lovely readers !!!

I know I've been gone for a while, but I was so busy lately and I didn't have to much time to sit down front of my computer and to blog!!!

Yesterday my dad wanted to eat pie with apples, since he boughted to much apples, and It came an idea to me to make an Easy pie with apples...

Down below I'll show you the recipe for this easy pie with pictures ....

-  3 medium eggs,
- 600 gr. flour
- 400 gr. white sugar
- 2tsp baking powder
- 2tsp sugar vanila or  vanila extract
- 200 ml. milk
-150 ml oil ( sunflower oil) and + extra oil for greasing
- you will need 7 or 8 big apple ( no matter if they are in differents colors) + 200 gr sugar for apples.

Time preparation about 2 hours ( I know its little bit longer but it's worth it ) ^_^

Equipments: You will need: large bowl to measure the ingredients, electric mixer, and sandwich tin to bake the cookie. 

Perheat the oven to 200 celzius temperature.
Time for cooking this easy pie with apples is 2 hours, but believe me it's worth it , because at the end is so delicious.....

How to prepare ??
 First step : 
- In large bowl you'll first put the eggs and 400 gr sugar, vanila extract or vanila sugar and baking powder and then  with electric mixter you'll beat them well as in picture down below.
This in picture I'm showing how should looks after I beat the eggs with sugar.
Here I'm showing you after I beat eggs and sugar i put the baking powder and beat again with electric mixter.

Second step : - Put the milk and after that you'll put the oil and  beat again. 

How should looks when I put oil.

Third Step: - I put the flour gradually, first i put 200gr flour and i continued to beat
First I put 200 gr flour then ....

...Then I put + 200 gr flour and continued to beat, at the end ....

At the same end I put + 200 gr flour and how it looks at the third time I put 200 gr flour is more thickly.

And I continued to beat well everything.

Four step : I take apples and I Shaped them I put them all in baking dish and I put the left 200 gr white sugar. 
When the apples and sugar are in baking dish whith high temperature on heat, apples release apple juice, It's looks yummii mmm ^_^.
 The tin I greased with little bit of oil  ( 23 c m sandwich tin should be  ).

After I put the oil on the tin I put little bit of flour all over the surface. 
 And after that, I took the mixed mixture half of that I put in the sandwich tin like in the picture down below...

How should look the half mixed mixture , in the meantime when i'll bake the mixed mixture will raise....

Is like fifty / fifty :D

 And then I put in the oven to bake, you'll see with tooth pick or something else if it's the first part very well cooked, if is then I remove from the oven, I take the  apples in the baking dish that I before cooked them in high temperature with sugar I took them and I put on the first part in the tin and above tehe apples I put the second mixed mixture uncooked and together I return in the oven to cook again. 

At the end when everything is cooked baked how should looks in the picture down below, should be the apples in the middle like an sandwich.... 
At the top I put lil bit of dust  sugar for more good taste.... 

I hope you'll understand my recipe 'cause I've showed you with picture I'm sure you'll understand everything.

               I wish you all the best with this recipe ..... 

I wish you to much luck.... Lots of kisses and tough hugs ........

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