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OOTD Something different

Helloo Again
Hello my dear readers from all around the world. Here i'm with another blog post, i'm showing my outfit , in little bit classy way but easy daily look. It was little bit windy day and chill, so I decided to wear blaizer and to pop op the outfit I decided to make with turquoise green color, and white shirt and also the bag in white color. 
Sometime I don't have to much time to mix and combinate the clothes so I choose the casual way.
What I wore is down below: 

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Have a beautiful smily day :)
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Be happy and you'll have happy life

       Hellooo my dear lovely blog readersFirst of all, i'm sorry for not being here for toooo long..... I had issues at home and in my life, everything is complicated, but know i'm back with full energy to blog again.I've learned : to be happy you must first feel free, to read more books, to enjoy in your own cup of coffee, to smile more and lots of more stuff's.Yesterday I was at work, and I've decide to wear casual 'cause I didn't know how would be the weather. So for this look I've choose denim west and jeans with plaid red shirt.I hope you'll enjoy with my today's post. More are coming soon. 

I hope you liked my today's blogpost
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