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Quick pie with spinach

Helloo my dear lovely readers Happy sunday !! 
Today I feel so lazy , I woke up at 10:30 AM I wanted to rest little bit and I didn't know what to make for breakfast and I thought to make quick pie with spinach ( I had everything at home) and know I want to share with you guys my recipe I hope you will enjoy down below with recipe and pictures....

- 2 eggs
- 200 ml milk
- 200 gr white flour
- 200 gr corn flour
- 180 ml oil ( sunflower oil)
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 100 gr white cheese from cow of course
- 200 or 300 gr spinach ( I had frozen from fridge I just chopped in little pieces)
- little bit salt 
- for baking little bit oil for the pan

I've started to mix eggs with white all purpose flour and baking powder, then I put corn flour, milk, oil, cheese and at the end spinach. 

The micture should be nice and smooth with any clump or lump.
After everything you put and mixed well then you take pan 23 cm to bake, you put little bit oil and you bake half an hour on 180 celzius …

OOTD: Neon P!nk & Bright Orange

Helloo my dear lovely readers 
I've been with my mom and little sister at walk to park, At the morning it was lil bit chilly outside but I  felt warm with sun..
For my outfit of the day I've inspired from Color combination pink & orange and I wanted to try to wear those two bright colors since it's spring it's the color season and I wanted to start with posting outfits on my blog....  I wear pink leather jacket is so comfortable I bought 4 years ago and I still have it I liked it, I choose to wear tennis shoes 'cause we walked to much, Jeans are always the best things to choose when you're going for walk and I combinate with sand leather bag, underneath the blouse I had pink shirt.....
I got inspired from this picture down below, and please enjoy ....

What I was wearing:  - Pink leather jacket from Grupofiori  - My black & white tennis shoes from Gary Shop  - Blue Jeans from Thrift shop store  - Orange Scarf from Thrift shop store  - Sand leather bag from Thrift …

Paris Fashion Week Street Style 2014

Helloo my dear lovely blog readers
I've been gone lately 'cause I'm so busy , I've started working on something, and I cannot find to much time for my dera blog!!
I'm so motivate lately to post something about this upcoming lovely season, I've found on differents web sites pictures for Paris Fashion Weeks Street Style from march 2014 and I liked so much and I wanted to share with you Girls!!!
I took pictures from those sources:

I hope you would enjoy with pictures down below !!! Have fun ^_^