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New York FW Street Style 2014

Hello everybody
I'm so happy the number of visitors on my blog is growing.... Thank you so much....
Since is coming spring - more warm days we need to wear less more clothes to forget on big long coats, high boots, gloves, hats and scarfs etc ....... I've liked so much when I saw around the internet are circulating pictures from fashion week in New York, how girls have different style and combination - I actually loved their Street Style its all in 1.... Perfect...
You’d think sub-freezing temperatures would mean all the personality and fun is sucked out of fashion. All that matters is covering your head, neck, and hands and trying to stay warm. But women on the street in New York this week proved this notion wrong, way wrong. Let’s start with those Prada coats. No matter how many lady faces we see with their micro-bangs and stern brows, we can’t help but smile.

Please enjoy with pictures down below