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Cookie with cocoa powder + grapes

Hellooo my dear readers !!! 

I know, I've started with recipe but I can't do anything because cooking & baking is my second passion beyond Fashion ... But soon in my blog I'll post more about fashion advice, styling, how to pair one piece of clothes many times, advice and tips for your skin face and body and many other things..... Because every morning when I woke up I get inspired by something.... maybe today I'll think something for next blog post .... 
Down below I'll be showing you a recipe for a little easy cooki with cocoa powder witch is so easy to do all you gonna need is the ingredients witch everyone from us has at her kitchen basic ingridients, and you gonna need an electric mixter and thats all you should need only the Passion for cooking & baking and nothing else matters .... 

I hope you'll enjoy, for more informations about recipe ( or something elese) you can contact me on my email ( you can send me an message), yo…

Recipe : Easy pie with apples !!!

Helloo my dear lovely readers !!!

I know I've been gone for a while, but I was so busy lately and I didn't have to much time to sit down front of my computer and to blog!!!
Yesterday my dad wanted to eat pie with apples, since he boughted to much apples, and It came an idea to me to make an Easy pie with apples...

Down below I'll show you the recipe for this easy pie with pictures ....


-  3 medium eggs,
- 600 gr. flour
- 400 gr. white sugar
- 2tsp baking powder
- 2tsp sugar vanila or  vanila extract
- 200 ml. milk
-150 ml oil ( sunflower oil) and + extra oil for greasing
- you will need 7 or 8 big apple ( no matter if they are in differents colors) + 200 gr sugar for apples.

Time preparation about 2 hours ( I know its little bit longer but it's worth it ) ^_^

Equipments: You will need: large bowl to measure the ingredients, electric mixer, and sandwich tin to bake the cookie. 

Perheat the oven to 200 celzius temperature.
Time for cooking this easy pie with …

Fall Favorites !

Hellooo my dear readers !!! 

I'm so sorry guys I didn't post anything those past few days 'cause I was sick i had temperature and fever, drinking hot tea and sup it's boring man.... 
Since it's coming autumn witch is my Favorite season, it's my turn to post something about fall cause I think it's the best season of all the others seasons....

In fall you can wear more warm clothes, you can make cookies from apple, pumpkin pie from apple, drinking hot chocolate and tea of course and hot Nescaffe.... I love autumn and down below I choose from internet pictures like fall outfits and other goodies ...

I hope you all gonna like them ... Enjoy ...