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OOTD: Tropical

Hey guys/ girls
How are you?? What are you doing??? I found free time to post one look that I didn't had chance to post this outfit couple days ago, but It remind me to post since is so hot those few days , and so now you'll see my OOTD .....
What I wore :  Classy white shirt from Thrift store Red handbag from Thrift store Red flats from Gary shop  Funny printed maxi skirt from Thrift shop

I hope you had great weekend so far
I wish you to have wonderful week
Lots of kisses and hugs for all of you around the globe ^_^ xoxo 

OOTD: Just enjoy in the nature

Helloo my dear lovely blog readers
Every single day is passing, every day is different story that we need to write in our past and to keep as memory, we need to make every single day good to try to smile everyday and to put away the negative energy and to say welcome positive energy ..... 
I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything this past few days, I was so busy I had lot of work .... So I decided ,actually I found free time today this afternoon to post what I wore 2 days ago ( it was so warmy day) so ... I hope you'll enjoy with my blogpost.

What I wore : 
- Classic white shirt from thrift store - Classic turquoise pants from gary shop - Neutral nude flats from Thrift shop - Neutral nude hand bag from Thrift shop
I usually when I shop something, I shop from thrift store 'cause you can save much more money if you shop in some boutique from some big brends ......

I hope you had a great time , I wish you lot of luck,  I wish you to have great and relaksing weekend....
And keep smil…