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The Fall is already here

Hellooo my dear blog readers
I've been gone for a looong time, I think 10 years I've been gone, I know it's been a while but I cannot find a little bit time to post and to share something with you guys..
Yesterday My sisters took a few pictures of me and I wanted to share with you, my yesterday outfit of the day, It was little bit a cold time 'cause obviosly is fall already here and I loove this season 'cause I feel so romantice even if I don't have boyfriend it's so beautiful , the smell of air , the brown and yellow leaves and everything else...

I think you'll enjoy with my blog post, more are coming soon and more interesting topic . For this outfit I loved to mix and match , layering is so fun for me especially fpr this time of season and so I decided to mix - layering !!
What I wore  : - Neutral nude blouse  - Neutral nude shirt - Classic jeans  - Blue fun scarf  - Denim jasket  - Black & white snikers   Everything is from Thrift store .

Have a great weekend…