Dennis Basso Fashion Show Spring 2014

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I've been gone couple days I didn't had too much time to post something.
But after thinking a lot, it came one idea to post fashion shows for this spring/ summer 2014 clothing that is easy to wear, we are still in winter season is little bit cold, in some other contry's on others fashion blogger daily they post pictures and I saw it's cold & snowing I think is snowing in USA, north Europe etc.. But in south Europe - Balkan is like a spring it's not to cold and it's not to hot it's like an autumn.....
So I thought to post something that we can look chic, comfy, warm & easy outfits with lots of colors..... 
On my next post's You'll see .....

Dennis Basso's dress business is picking up. "I've immersed myself in it," he said the day before his Spring runway show. All those gowns have to be worn somewhere, and Basso says he gets orders for everything from mother-of-the-bride ensembles to debutante gowns. But part of this dress push is most certainly a red-carpet play, too, which might be why he drew from the glamour of Old Hollywood favorites like Ava Gardner and Jane Russell to guide this season.

Good thing the staid reference wasn't literal. "This wasn't about creating a vintage look," he said. And the collection was better for it. The most striking numbers were sky blue, covered in almost abstract tangerine florals. But they were nearly equaled by an oh-so-pale pink and blue ball gown. For day, a little white organza dress with bustier detailing was youthful and just sexy enough.

Dresses may have been in the majority, but a Dennis Basso collection doesn't exist without fur and exotic skins. This time around, he used broadtail best. A black and white broadtail vest was belted like a peplum top over a white organza dress with black geometric shapes, and a white moto jacket looked cute over a black floral frock. Colored alligator surfaced yet again in tiny vests: It must do well, because Basso can't seem to let it lie.

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