New Collection of Jennifer Lopez - Fall 2013

Helloooo my dear sweetys all around the world !!!!

I'm so sorry I couldn't post anything those past few days, 'cause I was so busy, and I didn't have any idea what to post what to write on my blog.... Well I found a New collection from Jennifer Lopez witch I loved so much, and I hope you gonna liked it welll....
Jennifer Lopez continued collaboration with the brand Kohl's. 44-year-old singer and actress published fashion suggestions for autumn season 2013th.
"Beautiful, feminine silhouettes refreshed with bold colors and prints" - reads the description of the new collection, which includes a comfortable everyday clothes and tight evening dresses.
The collection includes bedding with a modern look.
I hope all of you that are around the world you gonna have a beautiful and relaxing weekend.... So hugs and kisses for all of you .... Bye bye <3 ^_^

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